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James the sweep information hub

James the Sweep’s ‘hub’ gives detailed information about every aspect of the chimney sweeping trade, from its history right through to advice about cleaning your own chimney. It’s a FREE resource for you to use – and I welcome any suggestions or comments. Contact me by phone (01892 548399), email ( or use the chimney sweep enquiry form.


Frequently asked questions

Do you need to know more about your chimney set-up, fireplace or stove? You’re not on your own! Click here to view the most commonly asked questions I've heard about chimneys and the sweeping process.


The history of chimney sweeping

The history of chimney sweeping is a fascinating and rich narrative. Take a coffee break in the midst of your busy day, sit back, and let me take you through the intriguing story about this wonderful industry, born after the investion of the humble chimney.


Child sweeps: a poignant tale 

Children were used to sweep chimneys for at least 200 years in Britain before the law changed. Find out more about child chimney sweeps in the Victorian era.


Burn wood, not cash! Buying a wood burning stove

All you need to know about wood burning stoves: How to get the most out of them, both practically and financially.


Keep a wood stove burning safely

Find tips on best methods to maintain your wood stove for creating safe fires, and get the best use for your household. 


Choosing the right wood to burn

Any material which burns is suitable for a fireplace, right?  No! Wrong. Find info on different wood types for your stove or open fire. It could save you lots of money and lead to perfect, crackling fires to enjoy in your home!


Buying fuel for your woodburning stove

Should you buy Kiln Dried, Green Logs, or burn old Pallets? All you need to know about cost effective purchases for your woodburning stove.


Maximising wood burning efficiency 

It's all about getting the most for your money, which helps your household's finances.  Let me give guidance on how to burn wood efficiently and avoid burning through your cash instead.


Being environmentally friendly

Preserving the environment is a hot topic! And quite rightly so. Here you can find some information about being green in the use of your chimney set-up.


All about chimney lining

Information about why you would line a chimney flue and how to choose the right chimney lining.


Safety: Preventing chimney fires and information about carbon monoxide

Top of the list - vital information about taking precautions with your fire. Plead read this info and contact me with any questions. 


Chimney cowls

Be sure to top your chimney off with a cowl covering - just like icing on a cake! Brush up here on facts about cowls - some points may be new to you!


DIY chimney sweep costume

Soot-up by using my easy-to-read guide about how to make a traditional chimney sweep costume for yourself!

How to clean your own chimney

For your own safety, and for your loved ones, I advise that you should always use a professional chimney sweep to clean your chimney. But, if you'd like to know, here is a basic how-to guide about how a simple sweep is carried out!


Chimney sweep brushes

For those of you who want to sweep your own chimney, some recommendations about the best brushes to buy.


Chimney sweep training and courses

Does the idea of becoming a chimney sweep appeal to you? It's the very best of occupations! Here is a list of all the training options currently available in the UK.



A glossary of terms used by chimney sweeps in the trade.


Fireplace by James the Sweep of Surrey