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Aliens have landed in Tunbridge Wells… or have they?

Image by Thomas Budach from Pixabay

LOCAL news reports state that a UFO was spotted hovering over the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells recently – apparently two floating orbs heading towards the moon.

It’s not the first time that unidentified flying objects have been seen whizzing about in the upper atmosphere above parts of Kent. There have been various records of bright lights flying around over the years, with colours ranging from orange to green to yellow to white – and these sightings are recorded at various locations around the county.

Let’s hope that some of those sightings weren’t chimney fires glowing in the night – there’s a real risk of a fire in the chimney if your chimney is not swept regularly by James the Sweep, Master Sweep for T Wells!

Some of the UFO sightings are very intriguing. Tonbridge residents, known to be salt of the earth and not easily fooled, saw a strange light with an aura effect above the town in September 2017. On another occasion, the town witnessed a flashing object buzzing around in circles, sounding like a roaring train. That happened earlier, in June 2008.

Maidstone recorded a very unusual sighting in September 1997. It happened late at night. A bird-shaped object, described as 20 times the size of a jumbo jet aeroplane was seen flying straight but moving slightly from right to left. It was coloured a glowing orange.

Well… who knows? Are these UFO sightings real or not? There seems to be ‘something’ in it all but how can we tell if aliens were really seen or if some of the spectators had eaten too much cheese that day?

In any case, it’s all part of the mystery and folklore in Kent. The county is rich in stories, tales, sightings and spectacles over hundreds of years ranging from smugglers to UFOs.

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