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Great news! James the Chimney Sweep is available to work in the Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 area, remember I can help you with any of the following:

James is a HETAS approved chimney sweep.

If you have any queries about chimney sweeping, or a related matter, We’d love to hear from you. Pick up the phone, email, text – whatever suits you and contact us TODAY!


You will find our rates fair and competitive. We like to be paid for the work we do, and no more than that! 

  • Standard sweep for woodburning stoves and open fires: £60 [Price includes a full sweep, smoke test and issuing a certificate approved by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps].

  • Bird’s nest removal: £100 per first hour and thereafter £60 per hour if the job is complex. *Please note the bird’s nest is left with the customer for disposal.

Notes: Big discounts apply for booking multiple sweeps in the same location. Clean, fresh dust sheets are used on every sweep.

Did you know? James the Sweep is a registered member of the respected Guild of Master Sweeps.

About Tonbridge

Tonbridge is a quaint market town some four miles from Royal Tunbridge Wells. It is also in Tonbridge and Malling District in Kent. The town epitomizes the tranquility of Kent. There is the River Medway as a backdrop, with surroundings that include hop farms, woodland, fields; alongside the majestic 11th century Tonbridge Castle. Even so, Tonbridge is also a dynamic place with a lively community and mix of retail outlets. There have been specific local industries too such as Tunbridgeware and the manufacture of cricket balls. A more intriguing claim to fame is that the first ever speeding fine was recorded in the environs of Tonbridge – Paddock Wood. The fine of one shilling was given to Walter Arnold of East Peckham in 1896. He was speeding along at eight-miles-per-hour in a two-mile zone. A policeman gave chase on his push bicycle and managed to pull the speedster over for a ticking-off and the subsequent fine.

Customers in Tonbridge live in a superb range of homes. You’ll often see chimneys at work, following a full sweep by James the Sweep, along roads such as Vale Road, Mabledon Road, Waterloo Road, Sussex Road, Chichester Road, Lionel Road, Hadlow Road. Locals residents also live further afield within Tonbridge such as Hectorage Road, Shakespeare Road, Crabapple Road, Upper Haysden Road, Masefield Way, Deaklin Lis, Dowgate Close, Tudeley Lane, Postern Lane, Shipbourne Road, Whistler Road and Willow Lea – and there are more examples. Tonbridge is simply a lovely town, which is strongly appreciated by residents and visitors alike. The culture is friendly and that’s why so many people choose to stay and make Tonbridge their longterm home.

Tonbridge industries have included financial and fiscal related services alongside distribution: light engineering; printing and publishing. Manufacturing is currently represented through the respectable firm Enalon Ltd, the last plastic moulder and toolmaker in Tonbridge. Tourism also plays a key role in the success of the town’s economy with Tonbridge Castle and country park being a very popular attraction. Shopping facilities do well on the High Street and there are a good number of estate agents and restaurants. Tonbridge Borough Council is scrutinising methods to further increase leisure and shopping facilities in Tonbridge and the future looks very positive, economically speaking. An example of ongoing development is the creation of The River Centre by Harvester Trust Tonbridge, on Medway Wharf Road, for use as a church, community hub and conference centre.

Easy-to-access transport routes to-and-from Tonbridge and other areas of Kent  are of benefit to businesses in the town. That has a roll-on effect in terms of boosting the local economy. It’s also handy for commuters who have set up home in Tonbridge but can then access other Kentish towns for work: Royal Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Southborough, Maidstone as well as if they need to get to London. Tonbridge Railway Station witnesses an impressive 4.1 million passengers per year, which certainly makes it one of the busiest railway stations in the county of Kent. Commuters who opt to drive for work can use the A26 Maidstone to Brighton road, or A21 Hastings to London route. Both of these popular routes provide access for residents and visitors for business and leisure. The M25 motorway is near too for those wanting to travel even further. Bus services are well-served by Arriva Southern Counties throughout the wider region surrounding Tonbridge.

Tonbridge played a very important role in the Medieval era. It had strategic importance in the local areas of the county of Kent, with the construction of robust defence works, such as an impressive outer bailey. The historic heart of Tonbridge still shows evidence of the town’s Medieval past with buildings which date back to the 15th century. Port Reeves in East Street is a particularly notable model of the era. Other parts of Tonbridge also hint at its Medieval past with Tonbridge School dating from 1552, set up to educate both gentry and young farmers. Protestant martyrs from the time are recorded to have met their poignant fate in Tonbridge. The most famous of these ardent believers are arguably Margery Polley, Joan Beach and James Tutty, who were all burned at the stake in the 1550s. There is a green in Pembury, which contains a poignant memorial to Margery Polley, which is well worth a visit.

In Tonbridge by James the chimney sweep

Tonbridge Chimney sweep James the sweep

Looking for a chimney sweep in Tonbridge?

James the Chimney Sweep is available in Tonbridge and surrounding areas.


–  James The Chimney Sweep

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