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Chimney sweeping services for Kent and East Sussex

Chimney safety certificate

A chimney safety certificate issued by a fully qualified chimney sweep

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James the chimney sweep has issued thousands of chimney safety certificates over the past 20 years. Sweeping chimneys for clients in Kent and East Sussex. James is a member of the guild of master sweeps and approved by HETAS, the industry standard for chimney sweeping.

Chimney safety certificate for insurance purposes

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James will often sweep a chimney and issue a safety certificate for a householders insurance company. A chimney safety certificate provided by a chimney sweep is therefore proof that a chimney has been swept to a high standard. This documentation reassures the insurance company and puts the landlord or householder on solid ground for any future claims.

James the sweep will never issue a safety certificate without first:-

  • Sweeping the chimney.
  • Inspecting the chimney and flue.
  • Conducting a safety test.

It’s good news then that, a basic brush sweep and safety inspection with certification starts at £60.

Sweeping your chimney

James uses clean fresh dust sheets for every customer. In addition, he uses an industrial HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to hoover the area afterwards. Using power sweeping and manual rods James sweeps every nook and cranny of your chimney clearing out any soot residue. The end result is an efficient flue ready for a roaring fire.

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What safety tests do chimney sweeps carry out?

As part of his chimney sweeping service James the Sweep always carries out a risk assessment. He inspects the fireplace and its surroundings. Assessing the chimney for damage and potential carbon monoxide leeks. In addition,  James also examines the inside of the flue and flue liner to ensure there is no damage or blockages. After that he conducts a smoke draw test, checking the draught of air is going in the correct direction to the outside atmosphere. James will conduct other tests to identify any chimney issues, such as a CCTV chimney camera inspections of the chimney. James will advise customers if there are any safety issues and the appropriate action to take to rectify any problems.

The chimney sweeping safety certificate

After the sweep, if James is happy with the fire he will issue a signed safety certificate for your insurance company. James the sweep is a member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. The safety certificate was specifically designed by the Guild to be issued to customers upon completion of a chimney sweeping. The document is an official method of acknowledging that a sweep has been carried out and all risk assessments made to the professional industry standard.

James advises all customers to keep the certificate safe just in case it’s needed to validate an insurance claim due to a chimney fire in the future. However, with regular chimney sweeping this should not be the case.

If you have any questions about chimney care or you would like to arrange a sweep contact James 07587 134589.