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Birds nest removal from your chimney by a HETAS approved chimney sweep

Bird’s nest removal from your chimney by an experienced chimney sweep

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James is a member of the guild of master sweeps and approved by HETAS the industry standard for chimney sweeps. He has considerable experience in removing bird’s nests from chimneys for clients in Kent and East Sussex.

Bird’s nesting in your chimney can be a real problem!

A bird’s nest in the chimney can be an unexpected nightmare for householders. Jackdaws in particular can be a real nuisance. They can damage the internal brickwork of the chimney, cause damp and the nests themselves are a serious fire hazard. It’s vitally important to keep your chimney clean of debris with a regular sweep. To prevent birds nesting in your chimney get an experienced chimney sweep to fit a bird guard or chimney cowl.

How do you know if there are birds nesting in your chimney?

There are some tell-tale signs to look out for:-

  • The obvious one is, sounds of chirping coming from the fireplace inside your house.
  • If you look up to your chimney you may be able to see the birds going in and out.
  • Loose debris falling into your fireplace, twigs, leaves etc.
  • You may even see droppings in the hearth.
  • You notice a nasty odour coming from your fireplace. Birds are not the cleanest of critters and if one dies it would decompose producing an unpleasant smell.

Warning – Don’t light a fire if you suspect you have a bird’s nest in your chimney

If you suspect you may have a bird’s nest in your chimney you should contact an expert chimney sweep for help. Please don’t try to light a fire hoping that the smoke will cause the birds to leave the chimney. The smoke will be unable to escape past the nest and it will roll back down the chimney. You risk smoking yourself out and/or causing carbon monoxide poisoning. There’s also the chance that the chimney itself could catch fire.

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Bird’s nest removal from your chimney cost

To remove a birds nest from your chimney James the sweep will charge £100 for the first hour of work and then £60 per hour after that if the job is particularly complicated. Please note that the bird’s nest is always left with the householder for disposal.

How James the sweep removes a bird’s nest from a chimney

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James is a qualified chimney sweep and has been sweeping chimneys and removing bird’s nests for customers in Kent for over 20 years. As an accredited chimney sweep James fully complies with the current legal regulations regarding bird’s nest removal.

When James arrives at your property, he will conduct a thorough examination to determine whether you have a bird’s nest in your chimney. If you do, he will lay down clean dust sheets to catch any debris from the chimney. Using a hard brush he will start to break up the nest inside the chimney. Eventually the whole nest will fall to the bottom of the chimney where it can be removed. Once the bird’s nest is removed James will conduct a smoke test to make sure there are no problems with the draught of the indoor fire, and it is safe to start a fire again. James will also advise you on what type of chimney cowl or bird guard to purchase to prevent further bird’s nesting in your chimney.

The law on removing a bird’s next from a chimney

Nesting birds are protected under the law and it is an offence to destroy or remove a nest while the birds are still nesting. Nests can only be checked and removed after the nesting season has finished, from the end of August. However, by law, under the GL35 licence, in the interests of public health and safety James the sweep is entitled to remove a jackdaw nest if the birds pose a risk to human health or increase the risk of accidents.

Under the current GL35 licence to remove a bird’s nest, it states that nests can be removed by an ‘authorised person’ who is given verbal permission by the property owner. Defra defines an authorised person as ‘the owner or occupier, or any person authorised by the owner or occupier of the land on which the action authorised is taken.’

By following the criteria set out by the licence, chimney sweeps comply with the law. The law states that birds’ nests can be removed if the birds pose a risk to human health or increase the risk of accidents. It’s not enough to say the birds are damaging the property or are deemed a nuisance. On the other hand, any damage to the chimney by the birds can be clearly interpreted as posing a risk to human health. A damaged chimney leads to a risk of uncontrolled chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning because the structure needs to be in top condition to work properly, for the sake of those people living in the home.

If you suspect you have a bird’s nest in your chimney call James today on 07587 134589 for help and advice on its removal.