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Chimney sweep brushes

The products and subsequent formation of Tamar Specialist Brushes originated from over 50 years’ experience of chimney sweeping. Mark Best, one of the directors of Tamar Specialist Brushes Ltd took over his father’s business in the early seventies and over the time has seen the business constantly evolve. With the development of many different appliances especially wood stoves; the vast array of specialist chimney lining systems and the higher expectations and standards of chimney sweeping, Mark found it increasingly difficult to purchase suitable, high quality brushes to meet and stand up to modern day requirements.


For many years Mark manufactured his own brushes for use in his own chimney sweeping business and then later for other chimney sweeps to use. Based on extensive research and experience Mark developed the various different types of chimney brushes sold today by Tamar which have been specifically designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. With the success of Tamar Brushes and requests from the trade for supplying quality rods and sweeps accessories we are able to supply a comprehensive range of equipment.


Wear and tear is spread because these brushes are threaded either end to ensure even wear. The short spiral design helps the brushes pass through and retract from awkward bends with greater ease. The range covers almost every chimney, flue or duct you may come across. The bristles are densely packed and glued within the spiral to give more strength and durability.


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