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HETAS approved Master Chimney sweep - East Peckham, Kent, TN12

My chimney cleaning services in East Peckham

Chimney cleaning in East Peckham

I charge £60 for a standard brush sweep for a wood burner or open fire. This chimney cleaning price includes the full chimney sweep, the fire and CO risk assessment, a chimney smoke test and an official Certificate of Chimney Sweeping useful for household insurance.

I am licensed and insured to sweep all kinds of chimneys, flues fireplaces and stoves. This includes Aga flues, Multi fuel stoves, Jetmaster fire, Rayburn, Inglenook, Parkray, Gas Fire and Oil Fired Boilers.

Bird nest removal in East Peckham

I charge £100 for the first hour of work and then £60 per hour after that if the job is particularly complicated. Please note that the bird's nest is always left with the householder for disposal.

CCTV chimney inspection in East Peckham

I charge £60 for a sweep (which must be conducted before the inspection) and £100 for a chimney inspection. If you have any worries about using your solid fuel appliance or open fire you should get a CCTV chimney inspection from a qualified chimney sweep.

A chimney sweep hoover is used as standard with every sweep

During my standard £60 sweep I use a HEPA filter chimney sweep vacuum to make sure no soot and ash particles escape into your home.

A chimney sweep certificate issued with every sweep

Whenever I conduct a sweep in East Peckham, I always provide the householder with an official, Certificate of Chimney Sweeping. This indicates that a sweep has been conducted to the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps industry standard and can be used for household insurance purposes.

Chimney cowls, chimney pots and chimney guards

I advise clients in East Peckham about what type and what size chimney cowl, pot or guard will best suit their fire setup. Due to health and safety issues, I do not fit chimney cowls, pots or guards myself. I arrange fitting with my trusted colleagues who do an excellent job of installation for my clients.

If you have any questions about chimney sweeping or chimney care, I would love to hear from you. Call me on 07587 134589 today.

About East Peckham

East Peckham

One of my favourite stories from East Peckham is that apparently, in 1896, a man was fined a shilling for exceeding the local speed limit of two miles per hour.  He was driving eight.  A member of the local constabulary gave chase on his bike and successfully caught up with him in order to dole out his punishment.  You’ll struggle to find a more British story than that!

Anyhow, back to modern East Peckham – I’m please to say that vehicles are now permitted to travel at faster than walking distance through the area, and that there is plenty to do there!

The Hop Farm Family Park
The mind boggles over how much there is to do in this one attraction in East Peckham.  The Hop Farm Family Park has everything from a 3D cinema experience, to an animal farm and…get this…giant pillows made especially for jumping on!!  Oh… and did I neglect to mention?  Entry is totally free for kids and grown ups alike!

Wear M Out Play Centre
Not too far away in Tonbridge, Wear M Out Play Centre offers a fun, safe play zone for kids, as well as a more tranquil coffee lounger for the (probably already wearied) adults.  Not a bad idea if you’ve tired yourself out on the jumping pillows in Hop Farm, but the kids still have energy to burn…

Wellgrove Farm Stables

Only 5 miles away from East Peckham (in Tunbridge Wells, to be precise), Wellgrove Farm Stables holds riding lessons for those as young as three.  Doubt your kids’ll say ‘nay’ (nay…neigh? See what I did there?) at the suggestion.

Live in East Peckham and need a sweep?  I’m your man!

– James the Chimney Sweep