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Blocked bends in chimneys

CHIMNEY flues don’t always go straight up from top to bottom. There can be corners and varying widths depending on the style of flue, era it was built in and material used in the construction.

The problem is that if your chimney flue has corners/bends there can be a blockage which is very difficult to clear. It’s certainly no job for a householder because specialised equipment is needed and experience in knowing what to do.

James the Sweep is the Master Chimney Sweep for Tunbridge Wells and nearby areas of Kent (Tonbridge. Southborough, Maidstone, etc). He has encountered bends and corners countless times during his sweeping career, which stretches back more than 20 years. 

As a flue technician, James has access to CCTV equipment if needed. He will likely ‘feel’ the blockage though, by using his brushes. He has more than enough experience to know if there is such an issue. 

Why is there a blockage? The common cause is a build-up of soot over time, which causes a problem. It may be that lazy workmen threw mortar down the chimney when the house was being built. Or there could be an issue with the chimney itself whereby parts of brick are loose and falling (this is serious and James will give you advice accordingly).

The worst case scenario involves using a core ball lowered down the flue to break-up the blockage. Or – on very rare occasions – opening the flue to clean the bend/corner. 

James is normally able to clear the corner using the deftness of his hands probing with his brushes. He will sometimes attach a scraper at the end of his rod to help loosen the material. Be assured that James is always careful to not damage flues or flue liners. He will keep you fully informed about the situation and if further remedial work is needed.

Customers trust James the Sweep to get the job done well. He sweeps chimneys for residents all over the county and nearby East Sussex. If you want to know if your chimney has blockages needing treatment, get in touch with James today on 07587 134589.