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Brexit… Boris… is your head spinning?

BREXIT… Boris… your head is probably spinning right now with all the things happening in the political scene.

Nobody knows what will happen with the Brexit question: deal or no deal, referendum or no referendum – it’s pretty wild out there in the Westminster circus. We can sense the pandemonium of politics here in the hideaway paradise that is Kent.

And during times like this, it makes perfect sense to hold back the pennies in case prices go up. We just don’t know what will happen with the economy.

If you’re looking at your household budget, getting the chimney swept may seem like less of a priority compared to setting aside money for food, bills, kids’ clothes and the like. 

Yet think about it. Your indoor fire represents a real cost saving in terms of heat. Turning the central heating up and down, on the other hand, results in a hefty bill landing on the doormat from your energy company. 

The advantage of log burning is that you’re really in control. If you follow James the Sweep’s guidance on correct burning techniques (e.g. robust burning and using wood with a moisture content of 20 per cent or less) – then you’re achieving 4 things: [1] you can use as much or as little as you want; [2] you’re helping the environment IF you’re following James’ advice on wood burning; [3] wood burners are a reliable source of heating. No fear of boilers bursting, etc! And [4] the sight of a crackling beautiful fire builds a positive atmosphere in the home for the family to enjoy. Nobody enjoys sitting in front of a radiator…

When times are hard or look uncertain, it’s sensible to fall back on tried and tested – and reliable – sources for the home. Your woodburner is a workhorse which you can always trust. As long as you book regular chimney sweeping to keep it all safe. James charges customers in T Wells, Southborough and nearby areas, just £60 to keep your household safe by providing a professional chimney sweep. BOOK NOW