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Burn right and get it right with James the Sweep!

James the Sweep talking about the Burnright campaign on a Guild of Master Sweeps video
James the Sweep talking about the Burnright campaign on a Guild of Master Sweeps video

We all breathe the same air – and we all want that to be fresh air! That’s why James the Sweep has been delivering ‘Burnright’ brochures to customers all over Kent (Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, etc) and Sussex (Crowborough, etc) in the past month or two.

Why? Because James is passionate about residents and local businesses enjoying efficient wood fire stoves and open fires, alongside clean chimneys, which do not harm the local environment. He is often asked the same questions by residents about how to burn wood correctly and he’s happy to answer queries. But Burnright is a handy guide, which you can keep close to hand and refer to when needed, giving you the recommended instructions for indoor fires.

Burnright gives handy tips on how to burn indoor fires efficiently. Air pollution is a widespread problem and poisonous air is caused by a number of factors such as agriculture, construction and engines. Indoor fires (stoves, open fires) are often overlooked but they can cause tiny particles of pollution inside a home or workplace.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can taken to radically lessen the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and dangers from other harmful gases. Steps which would also be better for the environment.

As with most things in life, education is everything. And that’s the whole point of James dropping the Burnright publication through doors. He wants residents & business owners to wise-up about indoor fires so that they can enjoy them safely and in such a way, that is environmentally friendly.

“Your local professional chimney sweep can really help. They can explain what causes the problem and show you how to ‘Get it right’, saving you money, keeping you safer and reducing air pollution.” [Burnright]

So… if a Burnright brochure has been popped through your letterbox, please read it! And if you want to receive a copy, just get in touch with James (info@jamesthesweep.co.uk). If you live in Kent or Sussex, and have any question at all about indoor fires and chimneys – just ask!

Enjoy your bright wood fire stove or open fire, as the colder weather approaches. But let’s get it right and ‘burn right’!