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Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer threatening everyone in your household

Carbon monoxide kills. We know that because of the statistics: 30 deaths per year and 241 injured, on average. And that’s just the known cases, according to the CO-Gas Safety charity.

It’s horrifying that people are injured or die largely because the right safety checks were not made inside the home. CO-gas detectors play an important role in detecting the gas but we must be careful not to over-rely on them. Proper safety inspections of appliances are crucial for safety’s sake.

CO is a gas invisible to the naked eye. You may not realise that it is present inside your home, until it’s too late. The gas comes from fuel-powered appliances such as woodburners as a result of burning. All it takes is two per cent in the air to kill someone within up to three minutes. We have to take the threat of CO seriously.

Carbon monoxide blocks haemoglobin from transporting oxygen around the body in the blood. CO is utilised instead, which creates a traumatic biological situation.

If this sounds frightening, that’s a good thing. Because we need to turn that fear into action to prevent the threat of CO. For your appliances, seek the advice of trusted tradesmen. When it comes to your fireplace and chimney – consult James the Sweep, Master Chimney Sweep for Tunbridge Wells.

Indoor fires produced CO and the gas needs to escape safely to the outside atmosphere. At the same time, soot and other residue is left on the inside of flues as a result of combustion. This soot collects over time into a hard tar substance, which blocks the inside of the chimney. That prevents the gas from escaping, so it rolls back down the chimney and into the adjoining room hosting the fireplace.

This is why chimney sweeping is SO important. Sweeping allows the CO gas to safely escape outside. Carbon monoxide is a big concern but you can have peace of mind – enjoying your indoor fire safely – if you book regular chimney sweeping appointments with James the Sweep.