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Chimney fire in Tunbridge Wells

CHIMNEY fires should never ever happen – but they do and that’s an ongoing tragedy.

Why? Because regular chimney inspections and sweeping prevents the fires happening in the first place. 

If you live in the counties of Kent and East Sussex (Tunbridge Wells to Crowborough) then James the Sweep is ready to both inspect and sweep your chimney for you. He is a highly trained and experienced chimney sweep and flue technician. It makes sense to call James (07587 134589). 

And if you’re wondering why chimneys catch fire in the first place, here’s why. Fumes from your woodburner or open fire leave a soot and tar residue on the inside of your flue. If you don’t get your chimney swept with James, this tar substance builds up over time. That can have two devastating consequences: [1] it prevents carbon monoxide (CO) from safely escaping your home to the outside atmosphere (CO – an invisible and odourless gas – will seep back down into your property instead) and [2] this tar residue is flammable and a stray spark can catch it alight, causing your chimney to catch fire. 

There you go… PLEASE do keep safe and book a chimney sweep right now with James the Sweep, the Master Sweep for Tunbridge Wells! (In case you’ve forgotten… 07587 134589).