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Chimney sweeping that’s clean and tidy

‘No mess, no fuss’ – you’ve heard that saying before. But it’s true when it comes to chimney sweeping services provided by James the Sweep to customers in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Southborough and further parts of Kent.

The thought of a sooty chimney sweep knocking on the door can fill some tidy householders with dread. Perish the thought that the sweep’s hands may touch the pristine doors or smart furniture. Or a sooty shoe may trample across the white rug resulting in a massive clean-up op once the chimney flue is swept.

Fortunately James the Sweep is meticulously clean and tidy. Did you know that he used to be a hairdresser? [Many years ago, before James picked up a sweeping brush] How’s that relevant? Because as we all know, hairdressers pride themselves on hygiene, cleanliness and keeping tidy.

James has a professional background in cleanliness. He uses fresh dust sheets on EVERY occasion and new customers can be reassured that he will leave no trace of soot behind. That reassurance comes from existing customers who appreciate the respect that James has for home and hearth. When you employ James to sweep your chimney, you’ll find that he won’t be leaving soot and smudge marks around.

Regular customers testify to the high standards of James the Sweep. You can read the testimonials page to see for yourself. You will note that cleanliness is often mentioned: ‘no mess – no fuss and no dust’ (Maiwenn); ‘very clean’ (Sonya); ‘very clean’ (Pippa); ‘quick, efficient and very little mess’ (Fiona).
Did you know that a standard chimney sweep with James costs just £60? That’s not a lot of money to keep your household safe from the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. CO poisoning has recently hit the headlines after it was revealed that tragic football star Emiliano Sala was poisoned by carbon monoxide before the aeroplane he was travelling on crashed into the English Channel. We must take the dangers of CO seriously. Regular chimney sweeping is important to protect your family. Book a chimney sweep today with the Master Chimney Sweep for Tunbridge Wells – James the Sweep.