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3 perfect reasons why your woodburner helps to solve the climate crisis

Woodburners are environmentally friendly

World leaders are meeting this weekend to discuss the climate crisis as scientists warn the world is heating up – and solutions are desperately needed but did you know that scientific evidence points to wood burning appliances being a climate friendly source of heat for householders in Tunbridge Wells?

That’s right. You may have read national newspaper headlines about log burners causing harmful particulate matter – but the scientific debate is wider than that; and, in fact, proper use of your appliance helps not hinders the environment. “What a bold statement, James!” I hear you say. Well… let’s break it down. Here are three reasons why your woodburner helps solve the climate crisis.

Purpose. Any alleged polluting effect of a woodburner can be counterbalanced by a lower carbon footprint of the consumer. Think about it. What is the purpose in an appliance? It is to keep you warm and mentally stimulated by providing a positive aesthetic environment. But can’t you just put on the central heating and not use an indoor fire? Yes, but then we have to talk about the effects of central heating on the environment (That’s right – central heating can harm the environment. But that’s a topic for another blog). Now, let’s come back to the woodburner keeping you warm. A healthy person, such as yourself, will make informed ethical choices when it comes to daily lifestyle and that benefits your carbon footprint. When you feel well, you have time to choose the right eco friendly diet, exercise well (less risk of hospitalisation and the carbon footprint that causes) and you use household appliances responsibly (such as your logburner), as well as take time to turn the lights off, etc. An unwell person, on the other hand, just survives any way possible: turning the heating up high, using the washing machine more due to dirty bed clothes, ordering a takeaway, which arrives in plastic boxes, because you can’t cook; leaving lights on, etc. When we’re unwell, our ethical standards slip away, out of necessity. Now, if you use a woodburner you are providing an environment conducive to physical wellness and mental energy. (of course, as long as I’ve swept it so it’s safe to use!) because the warmth generated keeps you feeling safe and healthy. And if you feel well, you will make the right choices to have a lower carbon footprint.

Particulate Matter. The burning of solid fuel causes PM 2.5 particulates, which are harmful. And you will be aware of news reports with some scientists saying wood burners are a main cause of this type of pollution. However, what is not often stated is that the method of using a woodburner affects the PM2.5 count. Not only that, but these particulates hail from other sources too, such as agricultural combustion. Did you know that HETAS did a review on the effect of domestic burning on air quality in the UK, and concluded that [1] previous studies may not have been thorough in scope; [2] conclusions drawn by published scientific studies came about via methods using old equipment; [3] wood fuel weight and emissions factored into these studies in the UK was exaggerated and [4] old appliances/open fires were culpable for half the PM emissions and replacing them with modern stoves would have a positive effect? You can read more here: www.hetas.co.uk/understanding-the-impact-of-domestic-wood-burning/

Apolitical. The COP26 climate summit is hugely political and the leaders there are under all sorts of pressures. Whatever the outcome, you, as a resident in Kent, can take action on an individual basis, and regardless of politics. When it comes to running your home, a significant step to take is booking regular chimney sweeping appointments and using your log burner properly. Keeping your chimney clean will allow harmful particulates and dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide to escape safely and at a more minimal rate to the outside atmosphere. Chimney sweeping keeps your local environment cleaner and that has a beneficial effect on the global problem.

So there you go – use your woodburner properly (and get an appliance installed if you don’t have one) and book regular chimney sweeping appointments, if you want to help the environment! Any questions? Phone me on 07587 134589.