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COVID-19 update. Stuck indoors? Unswept chimney? Ask James for advice!

To say that the Covid-19 Coronavirus has shaken towns and villages in Kent is a bit of an understatement.
The stats of those unfortunate to catch the virus are published on a daily basis, but the effects of the disease have closed everything down, affecting people even if they don’t have the virus. The county, as with other parts of the UK, is suffering as a result.

It can seem as though this near ‘lockdown’ will carry on forever. And it certainly looks as though it will last a long time.
But ‘a long time’ is NOT the same thing as ‘forever’. This virus crisis will eventually end. There’s no doubt about that. Even the scientists are confident that a vaccine will be found and isolating to curb the virus seems to be having a beneficial effect.
That’s why it’s important not to forget your chimney. This is the time to plan ahead! Chimneys need to be swept regularly all-year round to keep people in your home free from risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires.
Unlike Covid-19, the dangers of carbon monoxide aren’t always readily understood. It’s frightening how many people are either harmed or die from CO poisoning each year. CO is a product of combustion. This invisible, deadly gas enters your body when inhaled (without you realising) and prevents oxygen getting to vital organs.
Keeping appliances in working order, such as your chimney flue, lessens that risk. Chimney sweeping is essential to protect your home and loved ones.
So… if you have any questions about your chimney care – and you live in the Tunbridge Wells/Tonbridge wider area – phone James the Sweep now for FREE advice. Don’t wait until the lockdown ends. You can ask James about your chimney and also plan a future chimney sweeping appointment.
Once this near lockdown is lifted, there’s going to be a busy time with people booking chimney sweeping appointments. Please don’t miss out – contact James today to tell him you need a chimney swept. Phone James now on 07587 134589.