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Have you got a carbon monoxide alarm?

Carbon monoxide kills – no doubt you’ve read that before but it’s always wise to have a reminder.

This invisible, odourless gas kills people each year. Inhaling the gas (unknowingly) blocks oxygen from reaching vital parts of the body organs. Serious injury or death is too often the result.

CO is able to enter a household via certain appliances. This includes your chimney and indoor fire. If your chimney is not maintained regularly, with a professional inspection and chimney sweep, there is a danger of soot residue layering over time, on the inside of your chimney flue. Eventually the blockage will be substantial enough to stop CO gas, produced from your indoor fire, from escaping safely to the outside atmosphere. Instead, the gas reverts back down the chimney and into the adjoining room – where you and your family are likely to be sitting, unaware that you are being poisoned to death.

You can easily prevent this danger by booking regular chimney sweeps with your local Master Sweep in the county of Kent – James the Sweep. James will conduct a risk assessment of your fire set-up and inform you of any works required to the structure. He will also conduct stringent tests to ensure the appliance and flue are working properly. A thorough sweep is also part of the service, to ensure that CO gas is able to safely leave the home to the outside.

Another ‘weapon’ in tackling the dangers of CO is a simple carbon monoxide alarm. Ask James for advice about our options and requirements for fitting (the distance matters). As a general rule, make sure alarms are bought from a properly recommended supplier, not an online source. The alarm should be manufactuered to an EN50291 standard. Remember to test your alarm once per week, once fitted, to ensure the batteries are working.

If you want advice about carbon monoxide and CO alarms, contact your local sweep, James the Sweep today if you live in T Wells, Tonbridge, Southborough, Maidstone, Orpington, Sevenoaks, Pembury, Paddock Wood and Crowborough or nearby areas of Kent & East Sussex.