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Highly rated by customers in Kent and East Sussex: FACT!

Highly rated. That’s the official verdict from people living in the counties of Kent and East Sussex when it comes to chimney sweeping services offered by James the Sweep.

That’s not to say that the occasional ripple might hit a Google review (e.g. a misunderstanding when James arrived at a customer’s house and they didn’t hear the doorbell or similar) – but the overall consensus is that James, local master chimney sweep for Tunbridge Wells, offers an excellent service (not just in T Wells but also for Southborough, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Pembury, Paddock Wood, Orpington, Hadlow and Crowborough).

By ‘service’ that means professionally inspecting chimney flues and appliances (woodburners and gas fires) to check for risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or damaged infrastructure, fire safety risk assessments related to the chimney, sweeping with high tech chimney sweeping equipment, removing bird’s nests, checking on cowls, pots, etc. – basically anything related to your chimney or fireplace. AND all services are offered safely during this current Covid pandemic with James wearing masks, gloves, socially distancing and so on.

Google isn’t the only place for reviews – you can read some more testimonials here. The best way to get to know James though is simple: phone him. Talk with James about your chimney situation and get a ‘feel’ for his professionalism by asking any questions. Remember that there is no obligation to book but your chimney needs regular sweeping to be safe to use all-year round.