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How do you know when your chimney needs sweeping?

How long does it take to sweep a chimney UK?

It’s a very important question for every household – how do you know when your chimney needs sweeping?

An unswept chimney poses a deliberate risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (because the gas can’t safely escape to the outside atmosphere) for people living at your home or, potentially just as lethal, a chimney fire caused by a stray spark igniting soot residue layered inside the flue.

The problem is that what happens inside your chimney is not necessarily visible to the naked eye. You can’t see every nook and cranny inside the very dark corners of your flue. It’s not just the structure either – carrying out the correct smoke tests is vital to see the smoke draw and assessing whether or not harmful gasses are leaving the vicinity of your fireplace in a safe manner. Carbon monoxide, for example, has no smell or visual look, so it’s impossible to detect. That’s why the takeaway point is simple: book regular (affordable) chimney sweeping appointments with me so that I can check on the welfare of your appliance, chimney flue from top to bottom, liner (if appropriate), and suggest any remedial action to keep your loved ones safe.

“Can I sweep my own chimney then?” That’s a common question, alongside, ‘How long does it take to sweep a chimney’? Sweeping your own chimney is possible but not recommended for the simple reason that there are fire hazards if you get it wrong. If you don’t sweep the flue thoroughly or are able to carefully scrutinise the inside of your flue, you can miss some important telltale signs, which show whether or not the chimney is in full working order.

So, HOW do you know if your chimney needs sweeping? There can be some minor indications – a strange odour from the fireplace, bits of soot falling into the fire chamber, smoke rolling back into the room. But if you’ve left it that long to get your chimney swept, you are putting your life in danger. Don’t let it get to that point! It’s not necessary. Prevention is better than cure. Book timely regular chimney sweeping appointments. I am the Master Chimney Sweep for Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Southborough, Sevenoaks, Pembury, Paddock Wood, Orpington, Maidstone, Orpington and Crowborough. Give me a call on 07587 134589 for a no-obligation chat about your options.