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Join me in supporting Carbon Monoxide (CO ) Awareness Week 2021 – protect lives!

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I am inviting all my customers to join me in supporting Carbon Awareness Week 2021 – if you are aware of CO risks in your home or business premises, it will help to protect lives.

CO is a lethal gas produced by combustion such as the burning of wood as fuel. It is an invisible and odourless gas, and there are documented statistics showing that people are seriously injured or die every year by inhaling it. In fact, approx 50 people per year are known to die from CO poisoning! Carbon Monoxide blocks oxygen reading vital tissues in the body and it acts fast. So we REALLY NEED TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

How? There are a number of appliances in your home, which can emit CO. Ask your approved tradesman or local council authority, or fire service, for advice. If you live in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Maidstone and nearby areas of Kent & East Sussex – I am the Master Chimney Sweep for the region (James the Sweep). I inspect flues to ensure there are no soot blockages stopping CO from leaving safely via the chimney to outside. I also clean chimneys to make sure that there’s no soot residue causing such a problem.

To support Carbon Awareness Week 2021, take the following necessary steps to protect your household:-

  1. Make sure you have a properly working carbon monoxide alarm AND test it once per week
  2. Take care that all solid fuel burning appliances in your home are installed properly, work flawlessly and you follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  3. Take time to read the Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society’s website to be fully informed about carbon monoxide poisoning, the risks and preventative measures.
  4. If you have ANY questions about carbon monoxide dangers related to your indoor fire and chimney – and you live in Kent or East Sussex – get in touch with me, James the Sweep, your local professional chimney sweep.

Watch this video for the Carbon Monoxide awareness week last year. Be informed!