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Santa-savvy tips for keeping safe this Christmas!

HAPPY Christmas to all the customers of James the Sweep! Enjoy the celebration with family and friends, with plenty of food, fun and laughter! James the Sweep wants to take the opportunity to thank customers for employing his services and to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas break!

Enjoyment of Christmas is best placed when we keep safe and that’s particularly true when it comes to using an indoor fire during the celebrations. That’s why you’ll find these six Santa-savvy tips useful to safely enjoy your indoor fire over the next few days:-

  1. Keep the fireplace area free from any flammable materials. Don’t put Christmas cards, tinsel or any other paper products anywhere near the fire. All it takes is one spark to set such material ablaze. The fireplace should be completely free from anything which could catch alight easily.
  2. Make sure children and vulnerable adults are not allowed near the fire by themselves. Although wood burning stoves are safe, it still makes sense to ensure that no one is allowed near the fire if they are unable to be responsible By all means enjoy the fire, but supervision is needed at all times.
  3. Burn dry wood only. Burning wet wood will cost you more money and be less efficient. Make sure that dry wood with a moisture content of 20 per cent or less is used when burning wood.
  4. It’s an old wife’s tale which says that you should allow wood to burn slowly and to slumber over night (that’s dangerous). Burn the wood at a high burning rate so that you maximise the heat efficiency and also create less fumes to escape to the outside atmosphere.
  5. Use your indoor fire ONLY if the chimney has been swept properly by James the Sweep. Otherwise you are putting your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and uncontrolled chimney fires.
  6. Know your fire risk plans. Make sure everyone in the home knows what to do, in the event of a fire (ANY fire in the home). Make sure your smoke alarms and CO detectors are working properly and have a fire extinguisher nearby. Also plan an escape route if it is needed. This all sounds far-fetched but it’s sensible.

Don’t forget to put out the minced pies and glass of milk for Santa! Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!