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Support National Bird Guard Week


DID YOU know that more than a million birds get caught inside chimneys and die every year, in the UK?

That is why James the Sweep is supporting National Bird Guard Week with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps (James is a Master Sweep).

James has discovered all types of dead birds in chimneys when sweeping for customers in the Tunbridge Wells area. Jackdaws in particular but also pigeons and sparrows amongst other species of bird (a number of bees and wasps’ nests too!). James has seen it all during his 20 years sweeping chimneys for consumers. It is not a pleasant sight when a bird gets trapped and dies. And that’s why customers trust James to efficiently deal with the problem.

Nobody wants this problem. Residents don’t want dead birds in their chimneys. And the birds don’t want to get caught and die!

The deaths of so many birds is completely unnecessary – all that’s needed is a bird guard and chimney cap. Don’t do it yourself: ask James the Sweep for professional advice about installing a guard.

It can be a real death trap when householders block old fireplaces but leave the top exposed. Birds will tumble down and suffocate at the bottom. Jackdaws are an exception and can sometimes escape.

Bird guards are definitely the answer to this problem. Jackdaws are prevented from feathering their nests. Chimney caps and cowls have the bonus of preventing wasps and bees too.

If you already have a bird guard or chimney cap and it was fitted a long time ago, there’s a potential issue of the material being damaged. So make sure that a replacement is organised to protect your chimney (and save birds’ lives!).

Any questions? To discuss bird guards and your chimney, just get in touch with James the Sweep. James can point you in the right direction by inspecting your chimney, checking for any dead birds (and removing any nests) and give your advice about installing a bird guard or chimney cap.