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Sweeping your own chimney is not recommended

THIS PHOTO gives an indication as to why sweeping your own chimney is probably not a good idea.

Isn’t that a contradiction? James the Sweep has published advice on how to sweep your own chimney – if you really want to do it.

Even so, things can go wrong! For a start, you need the right equipment. Not just a long-handled broom but a VERY long chimney brush with a brush that perfectly fits your chimney flue, to ensure every nook and cranny is cleared of soot. It’s hard work sweeping the chimney and a chimney camera will help you see if the job’s been a success. You may need get up on the roof to check things (is the cowl alright? What do you think?). Ah… birds’ nest. How will you deal with that? Or perhaps bats have taken up residence.

Don’t forget that the dust sheet needs to be perfectly positioned to catch all the soot. You won’t want any in the room. Is the job finished? How would you know? When is the right moment to definitely say ‘this chimney is clear of soot’. Remember that we want all the soot cleared or there’s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney fires.

And it’s not even just about the chimney. Do you have the expert’s eye to know if your stove, open fire, flue and flue liner are in good order, fluently working together and that everything’s a thumbs-up when it comes to efficient indoor burning?

Yes, you can sweep your own chimney but there’s a LOT more to it than just brushing. That’s why James the Sweep isn’t just a chimney sweep but a flue technician. He will be examining the room where the chimney and fire are located, perceiving air draughts and other factors. He will know at a glance if the wood burning stove is fit for purpose. He will see if the flue liner is unspoilt because, as we all know (or we should) any damage to the liner spells trouble for the chimney itself; to say nothing of the risks of CO poisoning and uncontrolled fires.

James the Sweep is the Master Chimney Sweep for Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Southborough, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Pembury, Paddock Wood and wider parts of Kent right across to Crowborough. If you want your chimney to be professionally maintained – ask a professional: James. Why not call James the Sweep now and ask for a quotation for chimney sweeping? [Tel: 07587 134589]