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The future of heating homes in Kent

Climate change is at the top of the political agenda on a global basis and what scientists are saying is worrying a lot of folk.

Kent is a county where people really do care about the environment and chimney sweeping is an important part of that. Perhaps that sounds strange because you’re read headlines about the Government banning woodburners (btw that’s not happening). Yet chimney sweeping is a professional trade which deters air pollution by keeping flues clean and effective. It helps the climate if you keep your chimney clean and make sure you burn fuel correctly. In fact, using your woodburner correctly will reduce the impact on air pollution by an incredible 80 per cent!

What kind of changes can we anticipate for heating homes, when we look to the future? Solar energy is an emerging technology and we are seeing various experiments with central heating linked to energy networks. Wood burning at home also remains a key future heating technology. Why? Because wood burning has been a reliable heat source from the beginning of time. Not only that, but with the development of cleaner fuels, the popularity of wood burning will remain in the future too. People love indoor fires and they can continue to use stoves by using the correct fuel and burning methods – alongside a clean chimney!

In fact, the current Government has acknowledged this in its ‘ground-breaking Environment Bill’, pledging to improve air quality: ‘by fighting pollution so children and young people can live longer healthier lives. We will do this by setting an ambitious, legally-binding target to reduce fine particulate matter, PM2.5, and by increasing local powers to address sources of air pollution, enabling local authorities to work with families to cut harmful pollution from domestic burning by using cleaner fuels’.

The future of heating homes in Kent is likely to see us using woodburners with cleaner fuel. That’s a good thing! And if it concerns you about how to anticipate any changes – just ask James the Sweep. James is best-placed to give advice on the use of cleaner fuels. burning techniques and the efficiency of your chimney flue.