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The role of your chimney sweep

A CHIMNEY sweep’s role is essential to keep you and your family safe when using your indoor fire stove.
It’s worth taking a moment to really think about what that means.

James the Sweep is responsible for sweeping chimneys for customers across Kent and East Sussex. From Royal Tunbridge Wells to Tonbridge, Southborough to Maidstone, Crowborough up to Orpington – he is solely in charge of chimney fire safety for hundreds of residents.

James sees his role as a fire and safety risk assessment inspector. Or simply: a chimney flue technician. The guise he adopts for this is widely known as ‘chimney sweep’ but his work is more specialised than that. James does not have a cleaning job! His role is to help protect lives.

That’s not to say sweeping is part of the work, or even the most important part. But the work of a chimney sweep is far more comprehensive than many of us would be led to believe.

Think about it this way. A firefighter uses a hose reel to put out fires but that’s not the only part of his or her job. Risk assessment, giving safety advice, knocking down locked doors, rescuing people – even getting cats stuck on trees… there’s more to a firefighter’s work than just a hose reel.

In the same way, James the Sweep sweeps chimneys but also inspects rooms hosting indoor fires, inspects chimney flues, gives advice on woodburners, gas stoves and indoor fires, and recommends any remedial work needed.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, lethal gas, which is created by indoor fires. James is always keen to check that there is no risk of CO poisoning in a chimney flue due to a soot blockage or other factor (e.g. badly installed woodburner). He is also mindful to ensure the chimney itself does not carry any problems that could cause an uncontrollable chimney fire.

James the Sweep is the people’s favourite choice, meeting chimney sweeping needs across Kent. His experience goes back a long way and you know that when you call on James to not only sweep but inspect your chimney: you’re in safe hands.

James the Sweep’s role is to keep you safe! Why not give him a call right now (07587 134589) and receive FREE ADVICE about your chimney?