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Another chimney fire – this time in Tunbridge Wells!

Another chimney fire has been reported in the county of Kent – this time in Tunbridge Wells.


Warning issued after spate of chimney fires across Kent

Prevent chimney fires. Call James the Sweep!

Chimney fires are dangerous: risking the lives of everyone in your family – but the good news is that fires in your flue can be avoided if you book regular appointments with your local chimney sweep in Kent (T Wells): James the Sweep.

Why does anyone need reminding about chimney fires? Because there have been a spate of chimney fires recorded across the county of Kent recently.


Have you got a carbon monoxide alarm?

Carbon monoxide kills – no doubt you’ve read that before but it’s always wise to have a reminder.

This invisible, odourless gas kills people each year. Inhaling the gas (unknowingly) blocks oxygen from reaching vital parts of the body organs. Serious injury or death is too often the result.


Warning: Stop water damaging your chimney

Colder weather can lead to problems in your chimney structure unless you book regular maintenance check-ups with your local chimney sweep – such as James the Sweep in the county of Kent (Tunbridge Wells).


Book a chimney sweep if you live in Kent

James the Sweep is still jolly – sweeping chimneys even in this hard time of lockdown with the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is a difficult period for us all at this time as Kent wrestles with the virus. Even so, people need a reliable heat source as the weather gets colder and that’s why chimney flues need regular sweeping; so that consumers can use indoor fire stoves with peace of mind about the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney fires.


3 simple reasons why you need to book a chimney sweep

James the Sweep is the Master Chimney Sweep for Tunbridge Wells

Colder times have officially arrived now that the season of Autumn is under way across the counties of Kent and East Sussex.

That means your chimney and indoor fireplace are going to be in constant use in the months ahead. Nothing beats the warmth of a fire and the cheerfulness that it brings. That’s something certainly needed during these difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic!

Here are three simple reasons why booking a chimney sweep ensures that you can safely enjoy a fire indoors this Autumn and Winter.


Chimney fire safety advice

Chimney Fire Safety Week has recently passed but fire safety is important all-year-round.

When it comes to enjoying woodburners, there are ABC steps necessary for every householder if they are to have peace of mind.


Enjoy peace of mind in turbulent times – prepare for your indoor fires this Winter

The spike goes down… the spike goes up… this Covid-19 pandemic is tiring when you’re trying to live a normal life!

That’s why it’s important to reach for creature comforts in these turbulent times. Enjoy a simple life and don’t watch the news too much!

James the Sweep has been very busy making sure customers’ chimneys are ready for the Winter. Perhaps you’ve seen Ol’ Sweepy, his van, tootling along the streets of Tunbridge Wells or further afield (he covers most of Kent, from Maidstone to Orpington and even to Crowborough).


Warning about smoke from your chimney

The sight of smoke wafting from a chimney might cheer you up if you look across the rooftop scene in Tunbridge Wells or another town or village in Kent.

In fact, the smoke may indicate the fire is not being maintained properly. The only time when smoke should emit from a chimney flue is when lighting or refuelling. Smoke can otherwise indicate that the flue needs sweeping, or that you’re not burning wood or other suitable fuel correctly.


Fighting air pollution together

THE GOVERNMENT continues to push to reduce air pollution, a target given approval by James the Sweep – who sees the benefit for the county of Kent.

An update on progress for the Clean Air Strategy was published this summer under the title:-
‘25 Year Environment Plan Progress Report April 2019 to March 2020’.


7 reasons why your own woodburning stove saves you money in a recession

Recession. Don’t we all hate the word and what it entails? We live in such difficult times with this coronavirus and the knock-on effect on the economy. Even so, there is a glimmer of hope when it comes to your heating bills. Autumn is just around the corner and NOW is the time to think about saving costs in the colder period ahead.


Keeping healthy in the coronavirus crisis

The next few months look very uncertain as the cold weather arrives with the coming of Autumn and Winter.

We don’t know how people will be affected by Covid-19 at the same time as the flu season arrives. It’s a nervous time but one thing is very clear: we all need to keep ourselves as fit and healthy as possible.


Prepare now for the colder season and keep healthy

Autumn is coming… book a chimney sweep now!

The next few months look very uncertain as the cold weather arrives with the coming of Autumn and Winter.

We don’t know how people will be affected by Covid-19 at the same time as the flu season arrives. It’s a nervous time but one thing is very clear: we all need to keep ourselves as fit and healthy as possible.


Hot ash warning after bedroom fire in Tonbridge

All it takes is a stray fire spark to ignite flammable material – and you have an out-of-control fire.

That’s what happened at a home in Farm Lane, Tonbridge, at 3.30pm on July 27.


Household insurance and chimneys – some advice

Check your household insurance small print requirements about chimney maintenance

HOUSEHOLD insurance can be invalid if your chimney is not swept properly at least once per year.

That poses a massive problem if you did have a chimney fire because it means you may not be able to claim for damages.


James is a proven expert in sweeping chimneys in Kent

[Credit: Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps]

Here’s a perfect pic of James the Sweep sporting a bodywarmer for the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.


Changes due for fuel types allowed for indoor fires

It’s understandable that Covid-19 dominates the headlines but we mustn’t forget other important matters at this time.

If you enjoy an indoor fire (woodburner, etc) don’t forget that there are some changes arriving for types of fuel allowed for combustion.


Aliens have landed in Tunbridge Wells… or have they?

Image by Thomas Budach from Pixabay

LOCAL news reports state that a UFO was spotted hovering over the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells recently – apparently two floating orbs heading towards the moon.

It’s not the first time that unidentified flying objects have been seen whizzing about in the upper atmosphere above parts of Kent. There have been various records of bright lights flying around over the years, with colours ranging from orange to green to yellow to white – and these sightings are recorded at various locations around the county.


Keep safe as lockdown eases

Don’t take any chances with the coronavirus – or your fireplace!

So… the good news is that the Covid-19 lockdown is definitely easing, allowing our Kentish communities to regain some sense of normality again.

Please do take care though and follow the scientific advice to keep a good distance (unless you have a measuring stick, commonsense applies!), washing your hands frequently, being careful of other people’s coughing habits, cleaning surfaces, etc.


Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer threatening everyone in your household

Carbon monoxide kills. We know that because of the statistics: 30 deaths per year and 241 injured, on average. And that’s just the known cases, according to the CO-Gas Safety charity.

It’s horrifying that people are injured or die largely because the right safety checks were not made inside the home. CO-gas detectors play an important role in detecting the gas but we must be careful not to over-rely on them. Proper safety inspections of appliances are crucial for safety’s sake.