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… there’s still time for a chimney sweep!

February is a curious month. In Tunbridge Wells, we get excited at the prospect of Spring on the way. At the same time, it’s alarming how quickly we’ve moved away from the Christmas period. We’re a bit stuck in the middle.  (more…)

Costs: the elephant in the chimney flue

If there’s one single reservation as to why people choose to delay having their chimney swept – it’s the cost. Human nature tends to dictate that if we can avoid paying out, we’d choose to do so.  (more…)

Famous Kent needs clean chimneys

KENT is a popular destination for celebrities, famous folk and the like.

That’s not surprising when you consider just how beautiful this little corner of England is – rolling lawns, verdant green trees, all manner of butterflies and various sites of scientific interest. (more…)

3 tips on how to use your woodburner

Well, it’s simple… isn’t it? You just grab a bit of paper, throw it in the stove, put kindling on top – and then set it alight with big logs?
Not exactly. (more…)

The role of your chimney sweep

A CHIMNEY sweep’s role is essential to keep you and your family safe when using your indoor fire stove.
It’s worth taking a moment to really think about what that means.


Don’t forget to get your chimney swept before Autumn!

Summer is still here and everyone is trying their best to get a bit of a holiday before the seasons change. 

We all know what it means when the wind picks up and suddenly brown leaves are scuttling down our street.


‘Acting together’ to stop air pollution

You may have seen in the national news that a group of 175 doctors wrote a letter to the Prime Minister saying the NHS is under ‘severe pressure’ this Winter and air pollution is making the situation even worse.


Santa-savvy tips for keeping safe this Christmas!

HAPPY Christmas to all the customers of James the Sweep! Enjoy the celebration with family and friends, with plenty of food, fun and laughter! James the Sweep wants to take the opportunity to thank customers for employing his services and to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas break!


You risk your life without a regular sweep

Well, that’s a dramatic headline! We’d prefer to think positively when we look to the future. Even so, there are certain incidents where you couldn’t prevent meeting the grim reaper. If you slip on a banana skin, do a somersault and land on your head – there’s not much you can do about it. Or if you take part in a New Year party game where you eat 40 marshmallows in a row… well, let’s just say you’d better have life insurance.

The good news is that there are other deadly hazards, when you look to the year 2020, which you CAN do something about. If you choose. It really is up to you. But this isn’t a game, these are life and death choices. The stakes are high not just for you but also for your family.


Why James the Sweep supports local causes in Kent

Supporting local causes in the wider Kent area is a key value for James the Sweep in his work as a successful local businessman based near Tunbridge Wells.

James understands that community groups need all the help that they can get and that’s why, when is able to, he gives support. Being practical about it, he’s not able to help every cause but he will give positive support when possible: promoting events on his social media channels for free, for example. If a charity or group has problems with a chimney at their premises, James is also happy to offer free advice on keeping the structure in good order.


Don’t miss out on St Nick and James the Sweep!

Jingle bells are around the corner and it’s nearly Christmas – and you know what that means?!

It means that your woodburner or open fire will be working hard (if it isn’t already) burning brightly throughout the festive season as you celebrate Christ’s birth with family and friends. 

The good news is that if you’ve forgotten to have your chimney swept in time, it’s not too late! Book an appointment with James on 07587 134589. – Do it right now! Keep safe from chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. 


Where’s Knole Park’s tree from ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by The Beetles?

It’s just a dead tree located in Knole Park near Sevenoaks. James the Sweep – the Master Chimney Sweep for Sevenoaks – knows all about it. So do the residents he chats to; when James is out-and-about cleaning chimneys. Everyone talks about that tree. It’s very well-known.


… always a bargain with James the Sweep

EVERYONE loves a good bargain – that’s why TV shows about people finding priceless antiques in their attics and sending them off to auction are so popular.


4 frightening reasons why your chimney needs sweeping

You and your family could be seriously at risk if you do not arrange for an annual chimney sweep. Make an appointment today with James the Sweep.

If that sounds dramatic – please take some time and read these ‘4 frightening reasons’ why it’s true. Chimney sweeping isn’t about Mary Poppins songs and kissing a bride at weddings. Sweeping is a serious business, which protects you and your household, so that you can safely enjoy indoor fires. If you live in the Tunbridge Wells or nearby areas of Kent, or even as far as Crowborough – James the Sweep is your local chimney sweep. He knows all about stoves and chimney liners and all aspects of chimney care. Call him now on 07587 134589 and get some free advice.


The future of heating homes in Kent

Climate change is at the top of the political agenda on a global basis and what scientists are saying is worrying a lot of folk.

Kent is a county where people really do care about the environment and chimney sweeping is an important part of that. Perhaps that sounds strange because you’re read headlines about the Government banning woodburners (btw that’s not happening). Yet chimney sweeping is a professional trade which deters air pollution by keeping flues clean and effective. It helps the climate if you keep your chimney clean and make sure you burn fuel correctly. In fact, using your woodburner correctly will reduce the impact on air pollution by an incredible 80 per cent!


Remembering Maidstone’s ace pilot

It sounds like a respectable place for work, and it is – Corbin Business Park in Bearsted near Maidstone. James the Sweep is certainly familiar with the location, travelling past numerous times in his van, on the way to sweep the next chimney.

It’s easy to skip over the ‘Corbin’ part and not understand the significance. Corbin Business Park was named after a heroic wartime pilot from Maidstone, who was granted the freedom of the borough: Jimmy Corbin. His hard work as one of the ‘few’ fighting the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain helped to save the nation.


What is James the Sweep doing at the moment?

WHERE is James the Sweep – Master Chimney Sweep for Tunbridge Wells and nearby areas of Kent?

Meaning – where is he right now? Regular customers of James the Sweep will know the affectionate name given to his work van: ‘Sweepy’. And there have been reports that Sweepy has been spotted sweeping past various locations across the county: Tonbridge, Maidstone and the like. If you had an interactive map of Kent and James was fitted with a tracking device, you’d see Sweepy popping up in Pembury one day and then Orpington the next… it’s hard to keep up with him, at this time of year. 


Plan to keep safe on Fireworks Night – and enjoy it!

REMEMBER… remember… not only the 5th of November – but also to keep safe on Fireworks Night!

The big evening event is only a couple of weeks or so away (yes, hard to believe), and everyone gets excited at this time of year. Nothing quite beats the spectacular sight of fiery firework lights blazing across the orb, coloured in all sorts: yellow, red, orange, green; whizzing and popping, and ‘shhhushing’ and banging.


Another positive Google review for James the Sweep!

ANOTHER positive review has been left on Google recently by a respected customer of James the Sweep.

Nick Hayden, a Local Guide for Google reviews, was so pleased with the chimney sweeping service he received that he felt motivated to write a Five Star review – the highest possible rating. Nick kindly wrote: ‘Friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely worth using above all others’.


Blocked bends in chimneys

CHIMNEY flues don’t always go straight up from top to bottom. There can be corners and varying widths depending on the style of flue, era it was built in and material used in the construction.

The problem is that if your chimney flue has corners/bends there can be a blockage which is very difficult to clear. It’s certainly no job for a householder because specialised equipment is needed and experience in knowing what to do.